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      What are they?

      Cookies are small pieces of text, which are downloaded to your computer, tablet, cellphone or any device you use when you are into the website. Cookies help websites providers to recognize the device the next time you visit that website, usually cookies do not store personal information therefore can not identify a person. According to The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment 2011), the user must have full knowledge and consent regarding the use of Cookies, therefore when you visit our website, you accept the use of cookies we will describe .

      What do they do?

      Cookies act as a channel that streamlines the interaction between web sites and visitors, so when a user or visitor returns to certain website their interaction will be faster, quicker, and therefore more efficient and effective.

      For example, without cookies it would be very difficult to remember your preferences and registration data to return to a website.

      Cookies generally are used to reduce the load time and make the browsing experience ends up being more efficient and enjoyable, Cookies also allow webmasters to control how you use your website and create a profile of user for the purpose of advertising and marketing.

      Types of Cookies

      MusicJazzFree uses different types of cookies to run your website, some of the cookies listed below can be stored in your or your browsers:

      Preferences:This type of Cookies allows our website to remember information about your preferred country or region where you are, for example by remembering your country can show connecting artists and music that are preferred in that country, if for some reason lose the information in this cookie, your navigation would be less functional and pleasant , but not a definite limiting so you can not navigate on our website .
      Security:Cookies safety security serve mainly to avoid using the website fraudulently, in this way protect the data of our users and do not provide information to unauthorized parties.
      Processes:Cookies processes facilitate and help the website to work properly , so that the services provided are the most optimal and appropriate. Without these cookies, the website can not function properly.
      Advertising:These cookies are used to make advertising more attractive to users and more valuable for managers and advertisers, some of the main features of these cookies are to avoid showing the user ads with audio and that this interferes with their interaction with MusicJazzFree
      Analytics:>Analytical Cookies purposes are to provide the best service and content to the user, and they are constantly collecting activity statistics on the website , MusicJazzFree service uses Google Analitycs to obtain such statistical information , for more information see information regarding Google cookies Analitycs (

      How can I disable the cookies in my browser?

      Generally browsers have cookies enabled as a preference, but this is not definitive, so you can disable that setting. Note that if you choose to block or disable cookies, this may affect or even prevent access to the website, the website can not perform a good performance and you will suffer by not being able to have a pleasant navigation .

      Here we provide links to each browser where to set cookies teach :

      MusicJazzFree made its best effort to provide a clear and complete information regarding the use of cookies. If you still have doubts, you can contact us at: .

      Effective date: October 2014



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