Music PlayLists
      1. Siboney Album Impromptu

      2. Too Much Wieght Album Birk's Works

      3. Tin Tin Deo Album Birk's Works

      4. Hot House Album Salt Peanutsc

      5. That's Earl, Brother Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      6. Swing Low Sweet Caddilac Album Birk's Works

      7. Stay On It Album Cool Breeze

      8. Embraceable You Album Salt Peanutsc

      9. Lover Come Back To Me Album Cool Breeze

      10. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart Album Impromptu

      11. Salt Peanuts Album Salt Peanutsc

      12. Thinking of You Album Birk's Works

      13. Our Delight Album Cool Breeze

      14. A Night In Tunesia Album Salt Peanutsc

      15. Athropology Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      16. Sure Thing Album Salt Peanutsc

      17. Con Alma Album Bird Songs

      18. Luulaby Of Birdland Album Salt Peanutsc

      19. Stardust Album Birk's Works

      20. Girl Of My Dreams Album Impromptu

      21. The Bluest Blues Album Birk's Works

      22. Perdido Album Salt Peanutsc

      23. Cool Breeze Album Cool Breeze

      24. It Don't Mean A Thing Album Impromptu

      25. A Night in Tunisia Album Bird Songs

      26. Wee Album Salt Peanutsc

      27. Minor Walk Album Cool Breeze

      28. Umbrella Man Album Impromptu

      29. Jubilee Album Salt Peanutsc

      30. Algo Bueno Album Cool Breeze

      31. Schoold Days Album Impromptu

      32. Mohawk Album Birk's Works

      33. Two Bass Hit Album Cool Breeze

      34. Emanon Album Cool Breeze

      35. My Melancholy Baby Album Birk's Works

      36. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Album Impromptu

      37. The Diamond Jubilee Blues Album Bird Songs

      38. Good Bait Album Cool Breeze

      39. Confirmation Album Bird Songs

      40. They Can't Take That Away From Me Album Birk's Works

      41. Blue Skies Album Impromptu

      42. Caravan Album Birk's Works

      43. Oop-Pop-A-Da Album Cool Breeze

      44. I Can't Get Started Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      45. Nice Work If You Can Get It Album Birk's Works

      46. Duff Capers Album Cool Breeze

      47. Ornithology Album Bird Songs

      48. Groovin' High Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      49. Blomdido Album Birk's Works

      50. Pop's Confessin' Album Impromptu

      51. Time on my Hands Album Birk's Works

      52. Cherokee Album Salt Peanutsc

      53. An Oscar For Treadwell Album Birk's Works

      54. Ooh Shoo Be Doo Be Album Birk's Works

      55. Ray's Idea Album Cool Breeze

      56. Manteca Album Cool Breeze

      57. Oop Bop Sh'Bam Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      58. Man Rebop Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      59. She's Gone Again Album Birk's Works

      60. Leap Frog Album Birk's Works

      61. Cubana Be Album Cool Breeze

      62. It's The Talk Of The Town Album Impromptu

      63. Theme Album Bird Songs

      64. Ow Album Cool Breeze

      65. The Champ Album Birk's Works

      66. One Bass Hit (Part 1) Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      67. All The Things You Are Album Salt Peanutsc

      68. Shaw 'Nuff Album Dizzy Atmosphere

      69. Raleaxin' With Lee Album Birk's Works

      70. Impromptu Album Impromptu



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