Music PlayLists
      1. Uptight Music by Art Blakey

      2. Down Under Music by Art Blakey

      3. The Theme Music by Art Blakey

      4. Lou's Blues Music by Art Blakey

      5. When your lover has gone Music by Louis Armstrong

      6. Long Long Journey Music by Louis Armstrong

      7. Warmth at 400mbps Music by Nate Smith

      8. Land of the Giant Zs Music by Nate Smith

      9. My Broken Heart Music by Nate Smith

      10. III. I'm Rushing Over Music by Nate Smith

      11. Beware Music by Louis Jordan

      12. Beans And Corn Bread Music by Louis Jordan

      13. Teacher (How I Love My Teacher) Music by Louis Jordan

      14. School Days (When We Were Kids) Music by Louis Jordan

      15. Spaceship Lullaby Music by Sun Ra

      16. Dance Of The Living Image Music by Sun Ra

      17. The World Of Africa Music by Sun Ra

      18. Angels And Demons At Play Music by Sun Ra

      19. Day Dream Music by Duke Ellington

      20. Elysee Music by Duke Ellington

      21. Magenta Haze Music by Duke Ellington

      22. Fugue Music by Duke Ellington

      23. Them There Eyes Honeysuckle Rose Music by Louis Prima

      24. You're Just in Love Music by Louis Prima

      25. The Lip Music by Louis Prima

      26. Autumn Leaves Music by Louis Prima

      27. Partita No. 1 in B minor, BWV 1002 I. Allemanda Music by Chris Thile

      28. Tabhair dom do Lámh Music by Chris Thile

      29. Quarter Chicken Dark Music by Chris Thile

      30. Mississippi Waltz Music by Chris Thile

      31. 'S Wonderful Music by Teddy Wilson

      32. How Deep Is The Ocean Music by Teddy Wilson

      33. Almost Like Being In Love Music by Teddy Wilson

      34. Tea For Two Music by Teddy Wilson

      35. Saludos a Todos los Barrios Music by Larry Harlow

      36. En La Habana Music by Larry Harlow

      37. Nadie Da Nada Music by Larry Harlow

      38. Digan Que Si Music by Larry Harlow

      39. The Easy Winners Music by Scott Joplin

      40. When Your Hair Is Like The Snow Music by Scott Joplin

      41. The Strenuous Life Music by Scott Joplin

      42. The Ragtime Dance Music by Scott Joplin

      43. What A Wonderful World Music by Louis Armstrong

      44. Crazy Arms Music by Louis Armstrong



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