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      Ides of Swing

      Ides of Swing

      Andrew Bird

      Album: Thrills

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      Andrew Bird - Ides of Swing Música y Letra

      Some say April is the cruelest, and though I can be quite morose.
      The stiff who penned it on a fool's list of those who are chronically verbose
      When your head starts craning back, and your breath comes short and fast
      The music of the spheres start to bounce and sing, that's when you know you're swinging
      When your eyes roll back into your head, and the sap of the trees on your fingers have bled
      Swooning to the charms of Mephisto's waltz, that's when you know you've got some schmaltz
      When you've got the evil eye and unconsciously growl, your hands start shaking and you crouch and prowl
      These terrifying symptoms are a sure-fire sign, that you're pimpin baby and your feeling fine
      When you make love to whomever you please, and a bullet to the head feels like a soft warm breeze
      Red suit green suit they're all there scheming, that's when you know you're dreaming
      Yes you're dreaming , you are dreaming, I hope you are dreaming

      Andrew Bird - Ides of Swing Música y Letra





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