Music PlayLists
      1. Over The Rainbow Music by Art Tatum

      2. Body & Soul Music by Art Tatum

      3. Runnin' Wild! Music by Art Tatum

      4. Ja Da Music by Art Tatum

      5. Poinciana Music by Ahmad Jamal

      6. Marseille Music by Ahmad Jamal

      7. I'm In The Mood For Love Music by Ahmad Jamal

      8. So Rare Music by Ahmad Jamal

      9. Wrong Woman Blues Music by Lonnie Johnson

      10. Guitar Blues Music by Lonnie Johnson

      11. A Broken Heart That Never Smiles Music by Lonnie Johnson

      12. It Feels So Good - Pt 4 (Duet With Spencer Williams) Music by Lonnie Johnson

      13. Almost Blue Music by Jimmy Scott

      14. Nothing Compares 2 U Music by Jimmy Scott

      15. Angel Eyes Music by Jimmy Scott

      16. Every Time We Say Goodbye Music by Jimmy Scott

      17. A Ghost Of A Chance Music by Lennie Tristano

      18. Easy Living Music by Lennie Tristano

      19. Just Squeeze Me Music by Lennie Tristano

      20. Turkish Mambo Music by Lennie Tristano

      21. In A Sentimental Mood Music by Duke Ellington

      22. Blue Feeling Music by Duke Ellington

      23. Pyramid Music by Duke Ellington

      24. Moon Mist Music by Duke Ellington

      25. The Farmer and the Duck Music by Chris Thile

      26. Scarlet Town (Ft Brad Mehldau) Music by Chris Thile

      27. Cassandra's Waltz Music by Chris Thile

      28. Where's My Bow Music by Chris Thile

      29. Nadie Da Nada Music by Larry Harlow

      30. En La Habana Music by Larry Harlow

      31. Saludos a Todos los Barrios Music by Larry Harlow

      32. Calle Ocho Music by Larry Harlow

      33. Highlights from 'Treemonisha' Music by Scott Joplin

      34. The Cascades Music by Scott Joplin

      35. The Favorite Music by Scott Joplin

      36. The Chrysanthemum Music by Scott Joplin

      37. Winter Wonderland Music by Louis Armstrong

      38. What A Wonderful World Music by Louis Armstrong

      39. When It's Sleepy Time Down South (Live) Music by Louis Armstrong

      40. When The Saints Go Marching In Music by Louis Armstrong

      41. Shaw 'Nuff Music by Art Pepper

      42. Blues in the Night Music by Art Pepper

      43. Section 8 Blues Music by Art Pepper

      44. Here's That Rainy Day [#] Music by Art Pepper



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