Music PlayLists
      1. Just Squeeze Me But Please Don't Tease Me Music by Duke Ellington

      2. When your lover has gone Music by Louis Armstrong

      3. Long Long Journey Music by Louis Armstrong

      4. Almost Everything Music by Nate Smith

      5. Pages Music by Nate Smith

      6. I-77 Northbound Music by Nate Smith

      7. Come Back As A Flower Music by Nate Smith

      8. Caravan Music by Duke Ellington

      9. Them There Eyes Honeysuckle Rose Music by Louis Prima

      10. The Lip Music by Louis Prima

      11. You're Just in Love Music by Louis Prima

      12. I Feel So Smoochie Music by Louis Prima

      13. Cry, Cry Darling Music by Chris Thile

      14. Attaboy Music by Chris Thile

      15. You're Running Wild Music by Chris Thile

      16. Billy in the Lowground Music by Chris Thile

      17. Tea For Two Music by Teddy Wilson

      18. Almost Like Being In Love Music by Teddy Wilson

      19. Whispering Music by Teddy Wilson

      20. I've Got The World On A String Music by Teddy Wilson

      21. En La Habana Music by Larry Harlow

      22. Nadie Da Nada Music by Larry Harlow

      23. Calle Ocho Music by Larry Harlow

      24. No me Llores Music by Larry Harlow

      25. What A Wonderful World Music by Louis Armstrong

      26. Crazy Arms Music by Louis Armstrong

      27. St Louis Blues Music by Bessie Smith

      28. Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair Music by Bessie Smith

      29. Please Help Me Get Him Out Of My Mind Music by Bessie Smith

      30. Sobbin' Hearted Blues Music by Bessie Smith

      31. How 'Bout That Music by Louis Jordan

      32. Caldonia Music by Louis Jordan

      33. I Know You (I Know What You Wanna Do) Music by Louis Jordan

      34. Boogie Woogie Came To Town Music by Louis Jordan

      35. Night And Day Music by Art Tatum

      36. Rosetta Music by Art Tatum

      37. Yesterdays Music by Art Tatum

      38. Gone With The Wind Music by Art Tatum

      39. Next Stop Mars Music by Sun Ra

      40. Two Tones Music by Sun Ra

      41. Stars That Shine Darkly Pt. 2 Music by Sun Ra

      42. Frisco Fog Music by Sun Ra

      43. Lele Music by Duke Ellington

      44. Autumn Leaves Music by Duke Ellington



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