Music PlayLists
      1. Slam Dunk Album Slam Dunk

      2. Respect Yourself Album Sax for Stax

      3. And The Beat Goes On Album New Beginnings

      4. Desire Album Dream Come True

      5. King Boulevard Album Just Between Us

      6. Never Can Say Goodbye Album Sax for Stax

      7. Chips N' Salsa Album Giving Myself To You

      8. Bring A Li'l Love Album Groovology

      9. Keep It Moving Album 24/7

      10. 4 On The Floor Album Kickin' It Up

      11. We Came to Play (La Calle) Album G

      12. Where Did We Go Wrong (feat. Peabo Bryson) Album Slam Dunk

      13. Sweet Dreams Album Dream Come True

      14. When You Say You Love Me Album Bermuda Nights

      15. Why Georgia Album Kickin' It Up

      16. Walker's Theme Album Kickin' It Up

      17. You're My Everything (Reprise) Album Live To Love

      18. I Need You Album New Beginnings

      19. About Last Night Album Live To Love

      20. You Are My Love Album New Beginnings

      21. I want Somebody Album New Beginnings

      22. You're My Everything Album Live To Love

      23. All I Wanna Do Album Live To Love

      24. Who's Making Love Album Sax for Stax

      25. Truth Album Bermuda Nights

      26. In the Moment Album 24/7

      27. Big Shoes Album New Beginnings

      28. Boom Boom Album G

      29. Creepin' Album Live To Love

      30. Say It With Feeling Album Smooth

      31. Deep Into My Soul Album New Beginnings

      32. The Duke Album Slam Dunk

      33. This Is For The Lover In You Album Smooth

      34. Don't Hold Back Album Groovology

      35. The Hook Album Bermuda Nights

      36. You're My #1 Album Just Between Us

      37. Dream Come True Album Dream Come True

      38. Change The World Album Groovology

      39. Can't You Feel Album Dream Come True

      40. Passion Album Smooth

      41. So Amazing Album Just Between Us

      42. If You Don't Know Me By Now Album Kickin' It Up

      43. Kickin' It Up Album Kickin' It Up

      44. Samba Queen Album Giving Myself To You

      45. You Don't Even Know Album Just Between Us

      46. Take Your time Album New Beginnings

      47. Made In Chicago Album Giving Myself To You

      48. Front Street Album Dream Come True

      49. W.C. Handy Hop Album Sax for Stax

      50. Old School Jam Album Groovology

      51. Lucky 7 Album Giving Myself To You

      52. Don't Worry About It Album Smooth

      53. Come Back To Me Album Just Between Us

      54. G & Lee Album Smooth

      55. Georgia On My Mind (Reprise) Album New Beginnings

      56. Ain't No Stoppin' Album Groovology

      57. The Next Level Album Groovology

      58. Fiesta Interlude Album Slam Dunk

      59. Growing With Each Other Album Dream Come True

      60. I Miss You Album G

      61. We Fall Down Album Groovology

      62. Mr. Right Album Giving Myself To You

      63. What You See Is What You Get Album Sax for Stax

      64. We Came to Play (La Calle) (Remix Bonus Track) Album G

      65. Yes I Can Album 24/7

      66. Say Yes Album Dream Come True

      67. Planet Earth Album Giving Myself To You

      68. Funkism Album G

      69. Walkin' Down Beale Street Album Sax for Stax

      70. Memphis Passion Album Sax for Stax



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