Music PlayLists
      1. Double Bass Blues Album A New York Story

      2. La Conga Libre Album Rhythm In The House

      3. Slow and Easy Album A New York Story

      4. Sweet Cherry Pie Album Enchantment

      5. The Last Profit Album Steppin' into Beauty

      6. I'll Call You Later Album Enchantment

      7. Home Cookin'

      8. Blues for Becky Album Excition

      9. Vierd Lullaby Album New York Hilton

      10. Origin Album Excition

      11. Big Foot Album Piano Man

      12. The House That Love Built Album Excition

      13. Excition Album Excition

      14. Frank's Tune Album El Comandante

      15. Shades Of Thelonius Album Enchantment

      16. Treat Style Album Renewal

      17. New York Hilton Album New York Hilton

      18. Todavía Album El Comandante

      19. Enchantment Album Enchantment

      20. A Night In Tunisia Album Live At Birdland

      21. Give Her All Your Love Album Rhythm In The House

      22. Soul Traveller Album Rhythm In The House

      23. Straight Street Album Piano Man

      24. Arrival Album Piano Man

      25. One for Hakim Album Piano Man

      26. I'll Call You Later Album Live At Birdland

      27. Something Grand Album Live At Birdland

      28. Rhythm In The House Album Rhythm In The House

      29. Tanga Album El Comandante

      30. Slow and Easy II Album A New York Story

      31. Footprint Album Live At Birdland

      32. Home Cookin' Album Enchantment

      33. Poincana Album Renewal

      34. Liza Is Her Name Album Renewal

      35. A Trio in Manhattan Album A New York Story

      36. My Foolish Heart Album Renewal

      37. Blues For Two Tenors Album Live At Birdland

      38. Pretty Blues Album El Comandante

      39. A Secret Love Album Renewal

      40. Stepping into Beauty Album New York Hilton

      41. Seven Steps To Heaven Album Enchantment

      42. En la Obscuridad Album El Comandante

      43. On Green Dolphin Street Album Live At Birdland

      44. Michael's Mambo Album Rhythm In The House

      45. Another Kind of Blues Album A New York Story

      46. A New York Story Album A New York Story

      47. Blue Train Album El Comandante

      48. Midtown Madness Album New York Hilton

      49. Amigos Juntos Album El Comandante

      50. African Ripples Album New York Hilton

      51. Origin Album Steppin' into Beauty

      52. New Arrival Album Live At Birdland

      53. Gemini Album Enchantment

      54. Stepping into Beauty Album Steppin' into Beauty

      55. La Puerta Album El Comandante

      56. Goodbye Album Enchantment

      57. I'll Be There For You Album Rhythm In The House

      58. Black Narcissus Album Enchantment

      59. Excition Album Steppin' into Beauty

      60. Another Kind of Blues II Album A New York Story

      61. The Business Ain't Nothing But The Blues Album Enchantment

      62. Dedicated to the Cooker Album Excition

      63. The Goal Album Steppin' into Beauty

      64. Liza Album Live At Birdland

      65. My Little Brown Book Album Enchantment

      66. Giant Steps Album Piano Man

      67. Old Arrival Album Rhythm In The House

      68. Afternoon in Paris Album El Comandante

      69. Have You Met Miss Jones Album El Comandante

      70. Libertad Ahorra Album New York Hilton



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