Music PlayLists
      1. Anti climax Album The Sixth Sense

      2. C.T.A. Album Candy

      3. Leebop Album The Sixth Sense

      4. The Gigolo Album The Gigolo

      5. Cunning Lee Album Caramba!

      6. Twice Around Album Tom Cat

      7. Personality Album Candy

      8. Cornbread Album Blue Note Years

      9. Softly As The Morning Sunrise Album Introducing Lee Morgan

      10. Sweet Honey Bee Album Charisma

      11. The cry of my people Album The Sixth Sense

      12. Exotique Album Tom Cat

      13. Short count Album The Sixth Sense

      14. Easy Living Album Introducing Lee Morgan

      15. Rigormortis Album Tom Cat

      16. Psychedelic Album The Sixth Sense

      17. The Sidewinder Album Blue Note Years

      18. Candy Album Candy

      19. Nostalgia Album Introducing Lee Morgan

      20. Caramba Album Caramba!

      21. These Are Soulful Days Album Lee-Way

      22. A Night in Tunisia Album Blue Note Years

      23. Mickey's tune Album The Sixth Sense

      24. The Lion And The Wolf Album Lee-Way

      25. Nakatini Suite Album Lee-Way

      26. P.S. I Love You Album Introducing Lee Morgan

      27. Helen'Ritual Album Caramba!

      28. Twilight Mist Album Tom Cat

      29. Extemporaneous Album The Sixth Sense

      30. All At Once You Love Her Album Candy

      31. DoubleUp Album Charisma

      32. I Remember Clifford Album Blue Note Years

      33. Who Do You Love, I Hope Album Candy

      34. Afreaka Album The Sixth Sense

      35. SinceI Fell For You Album Candy

      36. That'sAll Album Introducing Lee Morgan

      37. Soulita Album Caramba!

      38. Search For The New Land Album Search For The New Land

      39. Yes I Can,No You Can't Album The Gigolo

      40. Morgan The Pirate Album Search For The New Land

      41. Hank's Shout Album Introducing Lee Morgan

      42. Suicide City Album Caramba!

      43. Speedball Album The Gigolo

      44. You Go To My Head Album The Gigolo

      45. Somethin'Cute Album Charisma

      46. Tom Cat Album Tom Cat

      47. Murphey Man Album Charisma

      48. Ceora Album Blue Note Years

      49. The Rumproller Album Blue Note Years

      50. Trapped Album The Gigolo

      51. Hey,Chico Album Charisma

      52. All The Way Album Candy

      53. Rainy Night Album Charisma

      54. Melancholee Album Search For The New Land

      55. Mr.Kenyatta Album Search For The New Land

      56. The sixth sense Album The Sixth Sense



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