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      I'm Alive

      I'm Alive

      Norah Jones

      Album: Pick Me Up Off The Floor

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      Norah Jones - I'm Alive Música y Letra

      Just sit, and wait
      Don't move, just hesitate
      You can hope, and pray
      You can moan
      Maybe things will change
      You feel your soul
      Get hollowed out
      While the world implodes
      You just live without
      She walks, she runs
      She fights, almost as one
      And finds her voice
      She'll march
      She has no choice
      She's crushed by thoughts
      At night of men
      Who want her rights
      And usually win
      But she's alive
      Oh, she's alive
      She's alive
      Oh, she's alive
      He screams, he shouts
      The heads on the TV bow
      They take the bait
      They mirror waves of hate
      They break down walls
      To free their sins
      And then their hearts
      Come caving in
      Oh I watch, I think
      I dance and sometimes I drink
      I sing my songs
      I'll hope someone sings along
      If I should break
      My silent streak
      Will knives come out
      To cut my cheek?
      Oh, I'm alive, yes I'm alive
      But I'm alive, oh, I'm alive
      I'm alive, oh, I'm alive
      Yes, I'm alive, yes, I'm alive
      I care a lot
      I know the things I'm not
      It's alright, it's OK
      And it's not
      Maybe things will change

      Norah Jones - I'm Alive Música y Letra





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