Music PlayLists
      1. After the Storm Album After the Storm

      2. I'm Pouring My Heart Out Album Sending My Love

      3. Come Closer to Me Album Better Days Ahead

      4. Thinking About You Album Sending My Love

      5. Soul Dance Album Stay With Me

      6. Facts of Love Album Better Days Ahead

      7. Rain (Remix) Album Celebration

      8. This Time Around Album Better Days Ahead

      9. Moonlight Tonight Album Just Between Us

      10. Celebrate Me Home (Feat. Roch Album Sending My Love

      11. After the Love Is Gone Album Better Days Ahead

      12. You Make Me Feel Brand New Album Celebration

      13. Let's Play Album West Coast Coolin'

      14. Just Between Us Album Just Between Us

      15. Best Is Yet To Come Album 24/7

      16. Breaking Out Album Celebration

      17. Here's My Number Album Sending My Love

      18. Angel Album West Coast Coolin'

      19. West Coast Coolin' Album West Coast Coolin'

      20. Play Time Album Sending My Love

      21. Getting By Album Celebration

      22. Remember The Time Album West Coast Coolin'

      23. In My Life Album Just Chillin'

      24. Love's Holiday Album Just Between Us

      25. East Meets West Album Just Between Us

      26. I Need You Album Stay With Me

      27. It's Time for Love Album Celebration

      28. It Costs to Love Album After the Storm

      29. Up 'N' At 'Em Album West Coast Coolin'

      30. Pop's Cool Groove Album Stay With Me

      31. Family Album After the Storm

      32. Special Moments Album Sending My Love

      33. Let's Wait a While Album Just Chillin'

      34. Buenos Amigos Album 24/7

      35. It's a Feelin' Album Just Between Us

      36. Tomorrow Album 24/7

      37. Sending My Love Album Sending My Love

      38. Champagne Life Album 24/7

      39. Not Like You Do Album Just Chillin'

      40. I Still Believe Album Just Chillin'

      41. Here to Stay Album Just Between Us

      42. Lydian Album After the Storm

      43. Stormin' Album Just Between Us

      44. El Dulce Sol Album After the Storm

      45. Yes I can Album 24/7

      46. Night Drive Album Just Chillin'

      47. Paradise Album Celebration

      48. Acoustic Time Album After the Storm

      49. For the Love of You Album After the Storm

      50. Any Love Album After the Storm

      51. Rain Album Celebration

      52. Feeling the Way Album Just Chillin'

      53. What's Going On Album West Coast Coolin'

      54. 24-7 Album 24/7

      55. Together at Last Album Celebration

      56. Inside Album Just Between Us

      57. You Keep Lifting Me Higher Album Stay With Me

      58. Coming Back (Return Of The Ma Album Sending My Love

      59. Stay With Me Album Stay With Me

      60. Dancing in the House Album Just Chillin'

      61. Stay Strong Album Celebration

      62. Come Over Album West Coast Coolin'

      63. It Keeps Coming Back

      64. That's the Way Love Goes Album After the Storm

      65. Perfect Love Album 24/7

      66. Come Go With Me Album Sending My Love

      67. Your Body's Callin' Album Better Days Ahead

      68. Let's Take A Ride Album Stay With Me

      69. Something Just for You Album Just Between Us

      70. Right Now Album West Coast Coolin'



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